This is a site which is dedicated to water safety. It is a big topic and covers many different categories. Hopefully, those who are visiting here will be able to identify some career opportunities. Quite often, the importance of those involved in water safety is overlooked. The goal of this informative site is to bring attention to the different categories where water safety professionals are in demand. Some of the topics that are showcased are as follows.


Lifeguards are often taken for granted as they keep a low profile until their services are needed. They are always seen at public pools, waterparks and many of the beaches. Those who are enjoying the water often forget that there is a watchful eye upon them. They become much appreciated quickly when they have to go into action because of a water-related mishap. The post which is included here about lifeguards looks extensively at the type of training they must participate in and some of the responsibilities that they face.

Coast Guards

One important group which demands a great deal of respect is the coast guards. They are a group of professionals who are part of the military. They play a vital role in the safety of the public and do so in a variety of different ways. The general public is often shocked to discover what an average day in the life of a coast guard on duty is like. The post that has been provided here clearly outlines this. Also, the information shows just how intensive their training is and the reasons why. It may be that the information here is detailed enough to encourage some to choose this as their career.

Swimming Pool Safety

There are so many different ways that water activities can be enjoyed. However, wherever there is water, there is always an element of danger. One of the most typical forms of water entertainment is provided by swimming pools, both public and private. While it is great to have access to a private swimming pool, it also means accepting the responsibilities which come with this. Our article that is dedicated to pool safety contains a lot of information that most people have heard before. However, the repetition of it is worthwhile because it could potentially save a life.

Air Sea Rescue

One of the most rewarding and undoubtedly exciting careers which fall under water safety is that of air sea rescue professionals. There is a very detailed post here that outlines a great deal of what air sea rescue is all about. It will certainly generate a renewed interest and appreciation for those who are involved in this type of work.

An additional topic of interest with information to be found here is Life Boat Services.